Infographics Design 2020: Infographic creation made EASY


Create great looking Infographics | Produce professional Contents | By drag and drop | With Canva.


Lot of audience don't like to read texts (Including me). Instead of that, they prefer Graphics oriented content, that is easy to understand and saves time.

Here Infographics comes into play. Publishing Infographic is not only good for attaining audience but it is also good for branding. Because nowadays, lots of brands choose to represent data with Infographics instead of texts and that gives you ability to become an expert in your chosen category.

What are the advantages of Infographic?

  • It's Eye catchy and presentable:

  • If you write all the data and researches in the form of text, then lot of sheets will bundled up, and literally no one wants that. But if you choose to represent data with the help of infographic then It will become a lot easier for you to represent all data in an organized and simplified manner.

  • Generates more Traffic:

  • We are in the era where traffic is a new currency. Infographic generates more organic traffic on website than any other form of content. If an Infographic is good-looking then it will get shared more and will definitely get more traffic.

  • Easy to Read and Understand:

  • According to studies, 65% of people learn better with visual than any other form of data. So, here Infographics based content will help all those 65% of audience.

  • Good for SEO:

  • Not only human but machines also loves infographics. Google's algorithm promotes infographics very well. And Pinterest is an amazing platform that promotes content with infographics. By leveraging your content on these platform, you will be able to get a lot of audiences whom you can serve.

How you will I learn to create Infographics in this course?

My intention is simple for this course, I want to help non techies (people who don't know much about photoshop or Illustrator, or don't want to use) create infographics simply by drag and drop. I have created this course like if a 12-year kid will take this courses then he/she will also be able to create Infographic.

The platform I am going to use in this course is CANVA. Canva itself is a great platform for creating any sort graphic. It can be logo design, Poster design, Thumbnail design, CV design, CD cover design, Flyer design and a lot more. But in this course we will only focus of Infographic design. As of now Canva has 1.5 million users.

Why Canva?

There are lots of platforms why you have chosen Canva only? As I have told you earlier that I have created this course for a complete beginner and Canva has a lot of pre made design that will help you a lot in creating a great looking Infographic.

What If I am not satisfied after completing this course?

I have worked a lot because I want that after completing this course you feel like a graphic designer, well not graphic designer then at least small graphic designer. Well, if you still not satisfied with this course then you will get option of 30 days money back guarantee.

I hope you will learn well. And as the quote says "Whosoever learns well, Earns well".

All the best and Happy learning.

Who this course is for:

  • Beginners for Infographics
  • Content Creators
  • Graphic Designers
  • Digital Marketer
  • Social Media Manager

Infographics Design 2020: Infographic creation made EASY

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