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The Most Powerful Online Facebook Downloader

With the best tool facebook downloader online you can save expensive bandwidth charges and save videos on a smartphone or PC.

You can play videos at any time without the need for an internet connection.

Online Facebook Downloader

Enjoy our Online Facebook Downloader to keep your precious moments into device freely every day. Emphasizing unlimited download for photos and videos, everyone can use this site easily. We also provide high-speed download with the best quality of the download. For Facebook users who want to download post from friends and other users, they can see the post from the past on their device. Everyone can give it a try because of the simplicity of using this site.

Why Do We Need A Facebook Downloader?

People share thousand of photos and videos on the Facebook account and they must open a Facebook account to take a look in their photos. This site will help you to keep the moments you and your friends shared so far into your device. You can watch it again and share it on other social media.

What Can They Do?

  1. Download Unlimited Photo and Videos from Facebook freely without sign in or sign up
  2. High Speed Download for Photo and Videos
  3. Save the video with MP4 format and Jpg format for photos

How To Use It?

  1. Open the Facebook account from an application or website
  2. Choose any post (photo or video) from Facebook account
  3. Copy the link to your clipboard
  4. Open the Online Facebook Downloader and paste the link on the box
  5. The photo or video will be automatically saved in the Download folder on PC or mobile phone

Can I Download A Photo Album At Once?

Yes. Not only download photos one by one, but you can also download a photo album that contains a dozen pictures in one click. The procedures are the same as above. All you need is to copy the link from the photo album and paste the link to the box and start to download.

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