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Have you ever find difficulties in downloading content from 9Gag.com? How many ads did you find during the download process? Can you download the video over and over again for free? If you had that bad experience, now it is time to move this site 9Gag downloader. It is the best site to download video content to your device. We are here to solve those complaints while downloading video and gif from the largest online comedy platform.

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Knowing What Makes It Best:

  1. Easy to be accessed. No restriction for anyone.
  2. Free download video and gif as much as you want
  3. Ads Free during the downloading process

How Do I Save The Gif And Videos To My Device?

  1. Visit the 9Gag.com website with your browsing devices
  2. Click three dots on the bottom of each post (this is applied for gif and video as well)
  3. Choose Copy link
  4. Open a new tab and visit 9Gag Downloader
  5. Paste the link to the link box
  6. Click download and you can rename the file and decide the folder before it started.

What Should I Do When I Lost Connection During The Download Process?

You do not have to feel worried because the download will continue once the connection is stable.

Is It OK To Download Some Videos In 9Gag Downloader Once At A Time But In A Different Tab?

As long as the connection is stable, you can download videos as much as you want at once.

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